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We designed and we made, any type of piece, as tables, chairs, pictures, show windows, it forges, beds, bureaus, caissoned ceilings, balustradas, cupboards, coffers, etc. Custom-made, style, finished and material that wishes. But always of quality.

Everything in Decoration for its home

We give budget Him without no commitment.

Wood crafts, Stone, Forge, Painting, Show windows, enrejillado, etc

Let us tile any type of seats, chairs, armchairs, tumbonas, etc,

Heraldicos shields in any material, paste, stone, wood, etc

We carved, we carved, etc

We make molds for smelting

Show window, it forges, gilded,etc

Sculptures, painting,ceramics, we made everything what you wish us.




Some of Our Artisan Pieces
Armario, 2 mesitas y cabecero con escudo heráldico Tipicos de Semana Santa (las tinieblas)
yunques mesa olmo
mesa de lira artesonado nogal español
Medieval markets of Crafts and to which we have been going to expose our crafts, with stand made by us
( Hospital de Orbigo, Valencia Don Juan, León San Isidoro, etc)





Demonstrative factory of stature and artisan winch.
Exhibition done in the office of tourism of Leon.



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If it looks for something in individual it does not doubt in asking to us


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